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56,000,000 Americans voted for a change in the direction of the United States of America. This community is a place for some of those people to talk about that change.

The majority of the posts will be of a political nature which may cause tempers to flare. Please play nice. Please post anything that you think the general public needs to know about but isn't getting the media attention that it should.

Right now, the community is unmoderated and anyone can join and post. I don't want to put restrictions on those things but if this becomes a flame pit or a spam trap I will clean house and switch this to a moderated community.

Most Important Rule #1: When possible, back up anything you post here with actual facts. A link to a news story with references is ideal but at least let us know where you heard or read it.

Also, when possible, list something that can be done about whatever you are reporting on. If you know of a website to visit or a phone number to call or a protest that's happening somewhere put it in your post.

Other than that, we'll see where this community goes. I'd like for this to be a place where like-minded people can post information that will help us regain the country we want. I'd prefer to avoid debating the issues here. That's what our personal journals are for. However, discussions about which course of action is best to take regarding a particular issue are welcome.

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